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The Hellenic Post… Me Alla Matia!

The Hellenic Post, in collaboration with the Non-Profit Civil Company “Me Alla Matia”, implements a program for evaluating their owned stores, aiming to apply all the prescribed European accessibility standards for further facilitating disabled customers. The evaluation is carried out by focus groups of people with disabilities and experts in the field so that the end-user has the primary voice, always in accordance with current legislation and European directives. So far, the accessibility mapping has been completed at the Central Post Office of Athens (at 100, Aeolou Street) and at the stores in Kallithea, Nea Smyrni, Nea Philadelphia, Ilioupoli, as well as at the store in Nafplio.

Η Δήμητρα Παρασκευοπούλου, ο Βαγγέλης Αυγουλάς και η Τζουλιάνα Μπούσι με το σκύλο οδηγό της έξω από κατάστημα ΕΛΤΑ

Grigoris Sklikas, the CEO of the Hellenic Post, pointed out:

“The transformation of ELTA is being carried out in terms of inclusion and social sensitivity. We consider the need for equal access for all to the services we offer in our stores as given. Thus, we have already begun to incorporate the interventions suggested by the most competent, taking into account the needs of people with visual and mobility impairments. Our goal is for the country’s post offices to be welcoming and accessible to all”.

On his part, blind lawyer and president of the NPO “Me Alla Matia”, Vangelis Avgoulas, while delivering the Evaluation Reports so far, praised the work of ELTA, emphasizing that they did what, although they should, is not obvious for all major organizations. That is, ELTA addressed people with disabilities and limited mobility to evaluate their stores, in an effort to address any malfunctions that hinder the free access of people with disabilities to their premises. “Such projects provide jobs for disabled people and serve the motto of the global disability movement ‘Nothing about us, without us.’ This particular project demonstrates that the dissemination of the accessibility dimension in the subsidiaries of the Post Office is not fireworks but an inclusive strategy and corporate philosophy,” said Mr. Avgoulas.

The accessibility assessment continues, and in the near future, it is planned to expand to five more ELTA stores.

This action is part of the broader ESG strategy adopted by ELTA, with the support of the Growthfund.

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