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Me Alla Matia NGO offers competitive advertising opportunities through its specialized network and dynamic online presence. Advertising through our company will help you construct a strong, socially responsible profile that is in line with the modern principles of inclusion while at the same time providing access to a new, considerable public.

Target audience:

💡 Disabled people, the elderly, their relatives, and people working in the field of disability

And this is because the statistics are clear:

💡 People directly affected by accessibility make up 52% ​​of the population.
💡 Globally, the market that includes people with disability and their relatives equals $8 trillion of disposable income.
💡 Disabled consumers are more loyal, making 5 more shopping trips a year and spending more money than the average population.

We present possible ways to maximize your visibility in a way that is accessible to this underrated audience through our following social actions:

1) Live Shows

Live online fora discussing current affairs, broadcast by the network of

The topics do not solely focus on disability but instead on several other social issues, with distinguished guests such as scientists, institutional representatives, experts, and activists. The shows spark significant interaction, as the public is allowed to express themselves through comments and share their perspective. All of these videos gradually acquire subtitles and interpretation in sign language.

The 43 live shows have gathered so far:

✔️ 420.000 reach
✔️ 45.500 engagement
✔️ 920K views for video teasers

Ways to advertise:

  • Collaboration for a show on a topic that highlights the advertised agency and its actions, with the participation of relevant guests
  • Sponsor with a product/logo placement and/or reference to the company as an accessibility sponsor during the show

2) Tech Is My Eyes

An online library created at the base of our new distance learning program “Tech is my Eyes“, which addresses beginner technology users with visual impairments. It consists of videos and e-learning articles.

The 12 videos made so far have 55,500 views.

Ways to advertise:

  • Collaboration for a video with a theme that trains the specific audience on the use of your website or app
  • Program sponsor with a product/logo placement and/or reference to the company during the video or in the article

3) #SpeakUp

A campaign to raise awareness of disability and also empower disabled people and their families. It consists of short videos published weekly on the social media of with the hashtag #SpeakUp. Via this material, positive role models and practical solutions to the everyday issues of the disabled are highlighted. A demonstration of technical aids and support technology is included in the content, too.

The 180+ videos published so far have garnered more than 17M views on our social media! (InstagramFacebookTik Tok & YouTube).

Ways to advertise:

  • Collaboration for a video that highlights the company’s good practices of inclusion or accessibility
  • Video sponsor with a product/logo placement and/or reference to the company


An accessible social news portal with more than 170.000 unique users for 2022, dynamic social media, and a wide network. Our fast-growing platforms so far boast [updated: 15/12/23]:

👁️ Facebook page: 27,000 followers
👁️Facebook group: 8,550 members
👁️ Instagram: 11,000 followers
👁️ TikTok: 19,800 followers | 488.000 likes
👁️ LinkedIn: 2,500 followers
👁️ YouTube: 2,150 subscribers
👁️ Newsletter: 500 subscribers

Ways to advertise:

  • Advertorials
  • Publishing of announcements and press releases for the advertised body’s actions
  • Advertising banner placement on the home page or in an article
  • Discounts on products and services of your company for our reading public

5) Social Newscast

Fully accessible social news bulletin (including subtitles, sign language interpretation, and accompanying informative articles) broadcasted on the organization’s YouTube and Facebook pages. The 28 bulletins we have implemented to date have collected 380,000 views.

Ways to advertise:

  • Publishing of announcements concerning the advertised body’s activities
  • Video sponsor with a product/logo placement and/or reference to the company

With the decision number EΞ 3950 / 03-08-2018 of the General Secretariat of Commerce & Consumer Protection of the Ministry of Economy & Development, the social and information portal “” is now officially registered trademark in Greece for Class 35 (advertising services) and Class 41 (news, journalism, and training services).

⭐Indicative Collaborations⭐

For more information, contact us at or +302102627385.

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