For Municipalities

  • With its many years of expertise, Me Alla Matia NPO cooperates with municipalities and regions, implementing various accessibility programs. We evaluate how accessible selected points of interest in your Municipality are and draw up a relevant profile to guide you to the necessary improvements.
  • At the same time, for the cultural promotion of the Municipality, we carry out the mapping of Accessible Routes while also designing an inclusive cultural event.
  • The training in the reception of citizens with disabilities, the provision of specialized consulting, and the evaluation of the digital environment accessibility-wise are some of the other services available to you. Find out about all municipal programs here.
  • Our educational program “Des ti Zoi Me Alla Matia” (=see life through different eyes) is the most popular and influential of all our programs! To submit requests, email us at, with the subject “for the Educational Program “Des ti Zoi Me Alla Matia””. Due to high demand, make sure that you contact us well in advance (at least a few months before the desired dates) to schedule our visit to your school. If an in-person visit is not possible due to workload, we always maintain the option for remote implementation. We remind you that this program is carried out by our organization free of charge. For more information, click here.

For Businesses

  • That is excellent news! Me Alla Matia NPO specializes in relevant programs and operates holding a personalized approach. So, undoubtedly, one or more of our programs will suit your needs. We provide accessibility consulting, train executives on disability issues, guide Human Resources departments in inclusive hiring, and much more. Find all our corporate programs here.

“Dinner in the Dark” is a unique experiential experience —on the standards of Dinners in the Dark held worldwide— you will never forget. You are invited to dine in complete darkness, leaving aside your vision for a while! At the same time, “Dinner in the Dark” is the ideal opportunity for a company to acquire a new social profile, utilizing it as a CSR activity and strengthening the bonding between its members. You can see the press release from our last Dinner and find more details about the event at the respective links. Finally, rich material from our past events is available on our YouTube channel and the official website of “Dinner in the Dark”.

With years of experience and know-how, Me Alla Matia NPO can upgrade your products and services with:

  • Accessibility assessment on structured spaces and expert advice on related improvements
  • Digital, accessible menu
  • Menus in Braille
  • Tactile floor plans and emergency escape plans of your space

We’ve also recently launched a list of guide dog-friendly (compliant with the current law) accommodations where you can register your business.

Our organization provides many possibilities for cooperation for your company’s CSR. You can find out more in the relevant program that you will find here. You can, however, also contact us so that we can explore any additional options that better meet the needs and wants of our companies.

For Persons with Disability

Fully aware of the constant need to keep up with the digital age, Me Alla Matia NPO provides remote computer and smartphone courses to visually impaired people. At the same time, utilizing our extensive network of collaborating entities, we accept requests via a Helpdesk and refer accordingly if we cannot personally serve the request. Contact us at or via our contact form.

Our organization is active in the cultural sector and actively tries to raise awareness, among other things, of the obstacles faced by artists/ideas with disabilities in the labor market. Thus, we established a Register of Artists with Disability, in which you can freely register to highlight your work and participate in the accessible cultural events that we coordinate. Read more in the related article, and register here.

This gives us great joy! The #SpeakUp disability awareness campaign is all about its faces, and people from across the disability community spectrum must be represented. This can be done directly, for example by starring in your own content or providing ideas and suggestions for future videos. In any case, we encourage you to contact us to discuss possible ways for you to participate in the campaign.

For Friends and Supporters

Donating to support our multiple charities is always a good option, but not the only one. Interacting with our content, reaching out to our team for inclusion programs, and sharing what we’re doing with your audience are just a few other options to show your support in action. Get more ideas here.

First of all, thank you! Depending on the season, our volunteering needs vary. Some projects we often employ volunteers for are video subtitling and content translation, but also physically participating in large-scale events. Please fill out the online expression of interest in volunteering form so we can learn more about you and properly integrate you.

Being informed about disability issues is an essential first step. Through the varied content of the fully accessible, as well as our awareness campaign #SpeakUp, you can access rich, scientific, and experiential material aimed at getting acquainted gradually with disability. However, if your request is more specialized, you can contact our help desk to guide you as best we can and provide the appropriate referrals to other agencies and services.

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