We envision an inclusive society, with fair representation and equal opportunity for all.

Me Alla Matia NGO (meaning “with other eyes”, “a different point of view”)
provides social care and consulting services
to socially vulnerable groups and their families.

It was born as an extension of the accessible portal meallamatia.gr which aims to eliminate the under-representation of the disabled and the dimension of disability in public discourse.

We act in 3 levels:

Corporate | Educational | Municipal



Corporate programs

We train people with visual impairment on how to use smartphones and apps.
We analyze the accessibility of your website using focus group of disabled end users.
We train Front-Office employees on how to properly serve and welcome disabled customers & visitors.
A training program for accessibility in media and tools of communication.
A living, interactive experience in the world of senses.
We train HR departments on how to incorporate disabled employees.

Dinner in the Dark logo. A white eye with a plate instead of a pupil, with the words "Dinner in the Dark" all around it. Black background

“Dinner in the Dark” is an interactive, beautiful journey into the world of senses… A unique experience that will be imprinted in every participant’s memory.

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Me Alla Matia NGO

Providing social care and consulting services to vulnerable social groups and their families, promoting the social solidarity 

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