Welcome to meallamatia.services, the digital environment of Me Alla Matia NPO!

This is the next big step after many years of dealing with accessible information: i.e., meallamatia.gr, the only universally accessible social news portal in Greece! At meallamatia.gr, you will find valid, cross-referenced news and documented opinions on a website that gives a step, honoring diversity. Both this and meallamatia.services are designed with all European technical accessibility protocols to meet the individual needs of each visitor.

At the same time, this effort for an inclusive society takes place in its mere heart: since September 2017, we have implemented more than 420 school programs authorized by the Ministry of Education and free of charge, training over 33.000 students and 3.000 teachers. Furthermore, in the last two years, we have met more than 9.200 adults in the context of 120 educational programs in accessibility, disability, and inclusion.

We also boast of our potent social media platforms:

This is where our campaigns are hosted, which aim to break down disability stereotypes and reduce the gap between disabled and non-disabled people. #SpeakUp, counting over 100 videos since fall 2020, has surpassed 11 million views! It has now evolved into a new series of Q&A videos aimed at solving frequently asked questions about the everyday life of people with disabilities. Within six months, 4 million people got a clearer picture of these matters with our help!

For all the above actions, we do not receive a single €1 of government funding. That is why their continuation is, unfortunately, a daily stress for us. For this reason, your contribution to this effort is also crucial. We invite you to support us as we continue our challenging journey.

Grateful for your support!

Consider actively contributing to the non-profit causes of meallamatia.gr and Me Alla Matia NPO with a donation:

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💡 Nevertheless, there are many more ways you can show appreciation towards our work and support us:

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  • Invite our speakers to your local schools so we can invest in the active citizens of tomorrow.
  • Contribute your ideas to our Q&A campaign by suggesting the topic of the following video.
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  • Please spread the word to people who you think could benefit from our material and the knowledge we impart, becoming active ambassadors of our work. Let’s all together see the world with different eyes!
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