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Translation in English: Georgia Karakechagioglou

The vision of “Me Alla Matia” to eliminate the under-representation of disabled people in the public sphere has successfully been encapsulated in our online campaign #SpeakUp. In this campaign, disabled people get to share aspects of their daily lives with the public, bridging the social gap maintained by ignorance.

2 years, 85+ videos, and 5M views on social media later, the #SpeakUp campaign has now given birth to two more video series following the same ambition: to continue breaking stereotypes around disability, focusing not only on the difficulties that a disabled person may face but also on the abilities they may have.


The new Q&A video series was created to give answers to the most common questions asked about visual and other types of impairment. The videos in the series address with honesty and humor everything that one would hesitate to ask a blind person. They, thus, manage to break the ice when it comes to the public discussion made around visual impairment and disability.

Vaggelis Avgoulas’ s experience from a plethora of school lectures in attempts to familiarize students with the notion of disability, held with permission from the Ministry of Education, was the inspiration behind the creation of this particular series of videos. For more than ten years now, the president of the non-profit organization “Me Alla Matia” and his colleagues have been visiting many schools all over Greece, answering dozens of students’ questions about the everyday life of disabled people. Recently, the Q&A videos began answering the questions we have collected about mobility and hearing impairment.


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[Video Transcript in English]: Today is such a beautiful warm day! You might be able to hear the birds chirping through the microphone. I am going for a walk. Right now, I can feel that I am in the shade. I want to look for the sun. I can understand when I am in the sun because I feel the warmth. I am pretty sure it is somewhere here… Oops! There is the sun. I can even turn my face towards it, knowing I cannot go blind! I will let it caress me with its rays as long as I want!

If you wonder how blind people take a picture of themselves, why they wear glasses, how they cross the road safely if they can cry, and so much more, you can find the answers on our TikTok and Instagram!

So far, 35 viral videos have been posted on our social media, reaching more than 4 million views in less than eight months!


Blind Cooking Challenge

The Blind Cooking series follows Vaggelis Avgoulas on some tasty adventures, often accompanied by friends, with whom he makes anything from cocktails to cakes! Temporarily depriving themselves of their vision, his friends put themselves in his shoes to get their bearings with the rest of their senses. In the most recent video of the series, Vaggelis Avgoulas shares a refreshing recipe: mastic with lime and pepper!

Another Blind Cooking Challenge video is coming soon, featuring Selim Selguk and Pavlos Happilos!


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The Blind Cooking Challenge, consisting of 7 videos up to date, has gathered 201Κ views on the social media of!

See all the videos from this series here.


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