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Me Alla Matia NGO provides distance computer courses to visually impaired people.
New technologies open a valuable window to the world for those who do not see.

Contact us to help you acquire the necessary technological skills: from making your computer talk, with the installation of screen readers for the blind, to getting ready for your PC certification.

Our professional associates, with previous experience in teaching visually impaired people, offer private lessons in all parts of Greece. Simply with an Internet connection, without any other access to students’ personal data and computers.

Below we indicatively present you our training packages, in modules and teaching hours for each:

💡 Learning NVDA reading software, basic commands (1h)

Watch here the educational video presented by Paralympian Dimitris Ampatzis.

💡 Basic Windows operation learning (5h)

  • Start Menu navigation, Desktop management
  • Create folders, copy, cut, paste and delete. Ways to select files and folders
  • Reset and delete from Recycle Bin
  • Set default printer, pause, cancel and delete prints

💡 Text editing, basic principles (10h)

  • Create, save and open a document
  • Navigation keys within a text
  • Select text, copy, crop, paste and delete
  • Go, find and replace
  • Font, style, size, color and underline
  • Page layout and printing
  • Bookmarks, import files and images

💡 Internet (10h)

  • Shortcut keys for navigating pages
  • Google search
  • Save page and print
  • Select page text, copy and paste into another application
  • Download files from pages
  • Bookmarks and add-ons

💡 Email (8h)

  • Inbox and reading
  • Reply, print and delete
  • Write a new message
  • Forward an incoming message
  • Attach files to a message
  • Save an attachment to an incoming message
  • Contacts and Address Book
  • Empty the “Deleted” folder

Note: Email is taught using either Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird.

💡 Audacity recording application (4h)

  • Record and save the file directly in mp3 format (default microphone, input line, directly from the sound card)
  • Open an existing audio file, select a part of the file, and delete it
  • Export a selected section to a new file
  • Basic effects, such as channel change, volume boost, rate change, speed, etc.

💡 Practice on a variety of applications, such as:

  • Balabolka – text conversion to audio file (Installed voice) – (2h)
  • Dropbox– transferring large files (2h)
  • Nero – DVD and CD creation (3h)
  • Winrar – compression/decompression (1h)
  • Jaws – reading software (2h)

Cost per teaching hour (60 minutes of teaching): 15€

The teaching hours in the above packages can be varied depending on how familiar with the material each learner is.

You can find here examples of educational material in articles, accessible to all, as well as a sample of our e-learning videos.


At the same time, our partners can prepare those interested in ECDL certification. The preparation offer includes the following sections:

  • Computer use and file management (Windows 10)
  • Text editing (Ms-Word 2013)
  • Internet and Email (Internet Explorer and Ms-Outlook)
  • Spreadsheets (Ms-Excel 2013)
  • Practice in the training template with demo tests

⇨ The preparation hours for the certification will be customized, depending on the trainee’s experience.

Our distance education services are mainly addressed to visually impaired people living in the countryside, on islands, etc., who cannot be served by the Panhellenic Association of the Blind, its branches, or other official institutional bodies representing visually impaired people.

Mr. Konstantinos Michalopoulos will undertake the coordination and the main part of the courses for our company.

CV: Konstantinos Michalopoulos has been teaching computers at the Panhellenic Association of the Blind to visually impaired people since October 2011. He is a graduate of the Kontolefa School in the departments of Computer Programmers in 1986 and Computer Systems Analysts in 1987 and holds the ECDL CTP (Certify Training Professional) Certification, with which he can teach having acquired a certification approved by the National Certification System. He speaks English and German, while he counts more than 10,500teaching hours in all of the institutions and educational programs he has participated in. Among other things, from 1988 to 1992 he worked in the company A-N ELECTRONIC Ltd. as a programmer and support technician. From September 1996 to June 2006, he worked at the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece, as an educator for visually impaired people using computers.

Mr. Dimitris Ampatzis will be responsible for the coordination of the classes, teaching the majority of them as well on behalf of Me Alla Matia NPO.

Prepayment of the training package you are interested in is required via a bank account.

Cost: 15 € per hour (for large training packages, special prices are agreed).

General information

  • For more information, contact us at or +302102627385.
  • This program is flexible and adapts to your needs.
  • A large part of the implementation team are partners with disability.
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