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Otis & Me Alla Matia NPO aim for better services for disabled people

Athens, January 25, 2024: As part of Otis’s commitment to equality, inclusion, and diversity, the company has taken another significant action in Greece.

Specifically, in collaboration with the NGO “Me Alla Matia” it provided its employees with the opportunity to attend an educational program on raising awareness and service for disabled people. This educational seminar allowed company personnel to gain knowledge on accessibility issues and expand their skills to provide equitable service.

The NPO “Me Alla Matia” with experience in similar programs, coordinated an educational seminar for more effective and equitable collaboration with disabled individuals, aiming to broaden inclusive practices both within the company and among its employees. This included gaining practical experience, such as interacting with techniques for assisting visually impaired individuals, which were immediately applied during the training.

This training follows the consultancy for Inclusion and Accessibility provided to the company by the social enterprise “Me Alla Matia”.

Otis Greece demonstrates its commitment to equality and inclusion by partnering with an experienced organization with a vision to eliminate the underrepresentation of disabled individuals in the public sphere.

“In practice, we observe that Otis Greece has made it a top priority to shape a corporate culture of inclusion and accessibility, as well as to become accessible at every level of its operations for disabled people. With today’s action of familiarization with disability, aiming for better interaction and service for disabled customers, Otis Greece lays the foundation for its employees to co-create with disabled individuals a human-centered corporate environment that equally accommodates everyone”, stated Mr. Vaggelis Avoulas, President of the NGO “Me Alla Matia”.

About Otis: OTIS is a global leader in the manufacture, installation, and maintenance of elevators and escalators. It moves 2 billion people every day and maintains approximately 2.3 million installations worldwide, the largest service portfolio in the industry. Headquartered in Connecticut, USA, it employs 71,000 people, including 42,000 field technicians, in over 200 countries worldwide.

For more information: 📌 www.otis.com | LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook @OtisElevatorCo.

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