The Eurobank Group learns from the needs of customers with disabilities and trains its people to provide autonomous and equal service.

In this direction, the second educational seminar took place on Monday, April 8th, aimed at the bank’s executives.

Specifically, employees of Eurobank branches from various areas of Attica attended a five-hour educational seminar on disability awareness and effective customer service for people with disabilities. The purpose of this experiential learning was to acquire basic knowledge for understanding and effectively supporting individuals with disabilities, aiming for their autonomous and equal service.

The action was coordinated once again by the NPO “Me Alla Matia” and implemented in collaboration with the Hellenic Association for Asperger Syndrome (ELssA) and the Liberty Assistance and Guide Dogs school.

The training was experiential, as most of the trainers were disabled individuals and professionals in the field with extensive experience. It involved dialogue, brainstorming, and practical activities in a Mockup Future Branch Store setting. It was complemented by a digital game for interactive representation of disability reality and supported by videos showcasing the daily life skills of individuals with different impairments.

On a practical level, the trainees were introduced to a guide dog and observed how it assists its blind handler. They also experienced being accompanied by a trainee guide dog themselves. Additionally, they were introduced to techniques for assisting visually impaired individuals, which they immediately put into practice by accompanying their colleagues.

The training concluded with a discussion on best practices and how what they learned and experienced can be applied to their daily work routines and interactions with customers with disabilities.

Participants in the seminar included:

  • Vangelis Avgoulas: Blind Lawyer, Member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Guide Dog School, President of the “With Different Eyes” Social Cooperative Enterprise
  • Maria Iliopoulou: Mother of an autistic individual, President of the Hellenic Association for Asperger Syndrome
  • Thalia Kiousi: Educator, Inclusion Programs Coordinator
  • Yiannis Kondraros: Dog Trainer, Founder of the Liberty Assistance and Guide Dogs school
  • Juliana Busi: Handler of guide dog, Copywriter
  • Georgios Stathis: President of the Sign Language Interpreters Association of Greece
  • Panagiotis Pitsiniagkas: Wheelchair user, Inclusion and Accessibility Consultant

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