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We provide construction or modification of e-shops and websites based on international and national accessibility standards

Research has shown that 91% of consumers prefer a business with an accessible website, as it is easier to navigate! It is no coincidence that Apple, the most capitalized company in the world, invests in universal accessibility when it comes to its online presence.

Is your website functional and at the same time accessible to everyone? Do not rush to answer. Accessibility is “hidden” in places you cannot imagine.

We are here to build or modify your website so that it is user-friendly, for all kinds of users.


  • 52% is the percentage of the disabled, the elderly, and their relatives, therefore accessibility concerns more than half of the population.
  • According to a survey, 3 out of 4 customers with disability and their families chose another business due to insufficient accessibility.
  • Businesses in the UK lost £11,75 billion in one year due to a lack of accessibility to their websites.
  • This market corresponds to 1.3 billion disabled people. If we add their relatives, it goes up to 3 billion people, which corresponds to $8 trillion of disposable income.
  • You will be aligned with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, a legally binding text for Greece as well. The contract explicitly defines the universal design of products, environment, programs, and services that can be used by all people to the greatest extent possible.
  • Once its accessibility is settled, your website will be promoted as an example of good practices at We boast the only fully accessible information platform in Greece, with more than 20.000 followers on Facebook and more than 170.000 unique users for 2021.


If you already have a website:

  • Our focus group carries out a thorough assessment of the accessibility of your corporate websites. These disabled end users rely on accessibility to easily navigate the internet and, consequently, your website.
  • We provide you a Website Accessibility Report divided into three parts:
  1. A general report with the accessibility standards of the websites for your company’s web developers and good practices as an example.
  2. A listing of the problematic points of the website along with suggestions for improvement.
  3. An emphasis on the good practices in each company.

Through the assessment, you gain an insight into the technical steps that must be taken to make your site accessible. Proceeding, we provide constant feedback in collaboration with your technicians, until all the necessary improvements for accessibility are made on your website.

In case you want the construction of a new website or a complete reconstruction:

  • In collaboration with “Uprise Marketing Solutions”, we undertake the design of your new website based on the needs and requirements of your business, or the reconstruction of an already existing website, if technically possible.
  • We specialize in the construction of fully accessible websites following the WCAG 2.1 compliance guidelines, including the European standard EN 301 549 V1, and law 4591/2019 of the Greek State.

How can you tell if your e-shop or website is excluding visitors?

In case you are wondering about the accessibility of your website, you can check if it features the following basic functions:

Font size converter
This feature provides better readability for visually impaired people.

High contrast mode
There are 3 high contrast functions and they are especially important for the visually impaired.

Page width converter
Thanks to this, users can adjust the width of the page to achieve optimal content viewing while reading the text.

Night mode
It permits adjustment of the brightness so that reading a text does not cause eye strain.

Keyboard navigation
All content on the site should be accessible with the keyboard for non-mouse users.

Skip to content
Persons with disability can quickly and easily access the main content of a website.

Visibility of selected item
People who use exclusively a keyboard for navigating through a website can distinguish which element they are focused on.

Organize the page with headings
The pages should be hierarchically structured to make it easier for screen readers to navigate the page.

Animated elements
Using only static images and avoiding moving elements is especially important for many disabled people.

Various tools can help you perform a technical inspection of your existing website at no cost, but this is not enough. A great result always requires an anthropocentric approach. End-users with disability need to be involved in compliance with the international guidelines so that only essential corrections are made.

General information

• For more information about the above program, contact us at or +302102627385.

• This program is flexible and adapts to your needs.

• A big part of the implementation team are partners with disability.


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