Illustration of a workplace, where 4 people, 2 men and 2 women, work together. One woman is a wheelchair user.

Inclusion at Work


Translation of the original article: Charalampos Skoulakis The concept of inclusion is being discussed more... Read More Inclusion at Work

partners talking resting their hands on a wooden table

Accessibility Consulting

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Serving the principle of Design4All in  everyday corporate life International research shows how promoting... Read More Accessibility Consulting

PopMenu4All - Accessible, contactless, safe. Teal background


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Το ψηφιακό μενού που ακολουθεί τη νέα πραγματικότητα για... Read More PopMenu4All

Make your e-shop and site accessible to everyone!

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We provide construction or modification of e-shops and websites based on international and national... Read More Make your e-shop and site accessible to everyone!

A wheelchair user quickly traverses an office corridor, whose movement is fleetingly captured by the camera.

Barrier-Free Company

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Workplace Accessibility Assessment In our attempt to foster the diverse character of your company, we... Read More Barrier-Free Company

artwork in blue background, with 4 diverse people working together.There is a black woman in a wheelchair, a standing man wearing a turban and 2 persons sitting

Barrier-free Recruitment

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The secrets of the inclusive recruitment International surveys have shown that 92% of customers prefer... Read More Barrier-free Recruitment

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