Tech is my Eyes - Training of people with visual impairments in the use of smartphones and apps.

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Training of people with visual impairments in the use of smartphones and apps

In the age of smartphones and accessible technology, people with visual impairments are left behind, unable to make the most of either their potential or all that technology has to offer.

At the same time, companies that use apps, e-shops, and websites to facilitate their customers, are losing a large, loyal audience of visually impaired people, who do not know how to operate these applications fully.

Me Alla Matia NPO launches “Tech is my Eyes”, a new distance-learning program for smartphone users with visual disabilities. Through your corporate apps, e-shops, and websites, they are trained in the use of technology and you gain additional visibility and a new clientele.


  • Our partner Dimitris Ampatzis, a visually impaired person himself, reveals techniques for the use of smartphones and applications through our Youtube channel.
  • Specialized user instructions are provided through these videos for your company’s websites, products, and services.
  • The videos are accessible, feature greek subtitles, and are posted regularly. Once completed, they are converted into articles and posted on the social media of


  • You have the opportunity to boost your company’s social profile through CSR, supporting Me Alla Matia NPO and its work in empowering socially vulnerable groups.
  • You can enhance the training of people with visual impairments in your tools and open up to a new, loyal clientele.
  • With your support, we create a systematically updated online library of knowledge, which anyone can access anytime from anywhere!
  • You have the opportunity to advertise to a new, large audience, offered by Our website boasts 170.000 unique users for 2021, over 24,600 followers on Facebook, and a strong presence on other social media that keeps rising!

General information

  • For more information about the program “Tech is my Eyes”, contact us via e-mail at or call us at +302102627385.
  • The above program will be adjusted to your specific needs.
  • A big part of the implementation group consists of partners with disability.

Watch our e-learning videos on YouTube.

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