Workplace Accessibility Assessment

According to international surveys, inclusive working environments create a general increase in productivity. At the same time, diverse groups are more innovative and more participative, while they also generate more creative ideas.

In our attempt to foster the diverse character of your company, we evaluate your working or commercial environment in terms of the accessibility of physical spaces.


1st step: We visit the working space for an initial evaluation. It’s important to get to know your needs to be able, in line with the related legislation and the company development, to transform your environment into a space of equal opportunities for all.

2nd step: We create a thorough inventory of accessibility in each of your spaces, using a focus group of people living with disability.

3rd step: The evaluation is completed via a detailed report of accessibility, in which points of improvement and suggested approaches are recorded.

  • Our disabled partners will monitor the changes that will be made over time, providing you with constant feedback.
  • Upon the completion of the intervention, we proceed to a brief evaluation of accessibility, which will be used as accessibility guidelines for this specific space —equal parts for customers and disabled employees.
  • The cost of this service depends completely on the size and the complexity of the spaces that will be agreed to be evaluated beforehand.


  • Diverse and inclusive working spaces are 2 times more probable to reach or exceed their financial goals, 6 times more innovative, and 6 times more effective in predicting changes.
  • 78% of consumers prefer businesses that put effort into their accessibility.
  • 92% of customers prefer companies that employ people with disability.
  • In that way, you actively adhere to the UN Convention on the “Rights of Persons with Disabilities”, a text that is legally binding for Greece as well. In this convention, the universal design of products, environment, programs, and services that can be used by all people to the greatest possible extent is clearly defined.
  • After the end of the process, your company will be promoted for using good practices in We boast the only fully accessible news portal in Greece, with more than 24.600 followers on Facebook and 170.000 new users in 2021.

General information

  • For more information about the program “Barrier-Free Company”, contact us via e-mail at or call us at +302102627385.
  • The above program will be adjusted to your specific needs.
  • A big part of the implementation group consists of partners with disability.

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