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Workplace Accessibility Assessment

In our attempt to foster the diverse character of your company, we evaluate your working or commercial environment in terms of the accessibility of physical spaces.

5 good reasons to make your space inclusive and accessible

💡 Diverse and inclusive working spaces are two times more likely to reach or exceed their financial goals, six times more innovative, and six times more effective in predicting changes.

💡 78% of consumers prefer businesses that put effort into their accessibility.

💡 92% of customers prefer companies that employ people with disability.

💡 In that way, you actively adhere to the UN Convention on the “Rights of Persons with Disabilities, a text legally binding for countries including Greece. This convention clearly defines the universal design of products, environment, programs, and services serviceable by everyone to the greatest extent.

💡 After the end of the process, your company will be promoted for using good practices in meallamatia.grWe boast the only fully accessible news portal in Greece, with more than 27,000 followers on Facebook and 170,000 new users in 2022.

What is the process?

1st step: We visit the working space for an initial evaluation. It is essential to know your needs to transform your environment into a space of equal opportunities —always in line with the related legislation and company development.

2nd step: We create a thorough inventory of accessibility in each of your spaces, using a focus group of people living with disability.

ℹ️ The Focus Group consists of people with visual, hearing, and motor impairment of various forms (e.g., people who are blind, with partial vision loss, etc.) to ensure the assessment of universal, if possible, accessibility. If you wish to check for other groups of disabled persons, we can provide it after prior consultation.

ℹ️ Our scientific team includes a Civil Engineer, an Architect, an Accessibility Consultant, and an Orientation and Mobility Trainer, with the assistance of additional specialists on a case-by-case basis. We thus ensure both the reliability of the proposed solutions and their alignment with the legal framework. Learn more about our experts here.

3rd step: The evaluation is completed via a detailed report of accessibility, in which points of improvement and suggested approaches are recorded.

4th step: Upon completing the intervention, we proceed to a brief evaluation of accessibility, which will be used as accessibility guidelines for this specific space —equal parts for disabled customers or employees.

Follow-up: Our disabled partners will monitor the changes following over time, providing you with constant feedback.

⭐ Examples of collaborations ⭐
  • Central Markets and Fisheries OrganizationAccessibility Assessment of the Consumer Market
  • Municipality of Palaio Faliro: Accessibility assessment and profiling for five public buildings awarded with a bronze at Best City Awards 2022
  • Pfizer Hellas: Accessibility assessment for offices of the company in Athens and Thessaloniki
  • Praktiker Hellas: Accessibility assessment for stores of the company
  • Parnassos Ski Centre: Accessibility assessment of the ski centre for disabled visitors
  • ELTA: Accessibility Assessment of 11 stores nationwiede

General information

  • The cost of this service depends entirely on the size and the complexity of the spaces that will be agreed to be evaluated beforehand.
  • In alignment with ISO_21902_2021.
  • For more information about the program, contact us via e-mail at info@meallamatia.services or +302102627385.
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