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The Civil Non-Profit Company “Me Alla Matia”, aiming to familiarize students with diversity, is actualizing the educational program “Des ti Zoi Me Alla Matia” (meaning “see life with different eyes”) in schools.

In this program, people with disabilities coordinate a free dialogue with students. Together, they approach the reality of disability, accessibility, and each one’s uniqueness in an experiential way.

This interaction and mutual understanding are the key factors leading to the change of attitudes and mentality related to diversity, disability, and social exclusion.

The program meets the modern need to create an inclusive society, beginning already from the school years.

In this purely child-centered program, participants can define the scope of the discussion, express their thoughts, share emotions and experiences, and become co-moderators. The speakers coordinate an audience that forms a specimen of social diversity, highlighting the uniqueness of each person, as well as their usefulness.

Since September 2017, around 470 free educational programs have been implemented in schools, and over 38,300 students familiarized themselves with essential aspects of disability.

📑 Permission of the Ministry of Education (official document in Greek)

ℹ️ The program can be put under the auspices of Municipalities to cover a large part of the schools in the area. The Municipality undertakes to gather the region’s students in groups in a public event space so that as many children as possible can attend.

We have already collaborated with the municipalities of:

  • Moschato-Tavros
  • Katerini
  • Cholargos-Papagou
  • Karditsa
  • Agrinio
  • Kefalonia

and more.

ℹ️ You can find all the relevant information here. 
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