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In the context of the cultural events of the Municipality, Me Alla Matia NPO undertakes to implement the inclusive event “Singing for what you (do not) know about disability“, which is organized and conducted by disabled people.

The event:

  • works as an educational, entertaining event to raise awareness for diversity, accessibility, and inclusion
  • includes an artistic agenda with songs and stand-up comedy
  • is 3-hour long
  • can be live or live-streaming from the website and social media of the Municipality
  • strengthens the social profile of the Municipality
  • includes persons with and without disability
  • can be enriched with interpretation in Greek Sign Language and subtitles to ensure full accessibility
  • is provided free of charge to the public
  • follows all prescribed health protocols
  • broadcast with the permission of the Music Works Rightholders Cooperative “Edem”

This is not just a concert for a good cause but an original program starring people with disability and guest stars. Celebrities from the field of disability, such as Vaggelis Avgoulas, Stefanos Vouros, and Joy, a guide dog from Liberty Guide Dogs, send their self-sarcastic message about the daily life of the disabled in Greece, interfering with comic breaks between the enjoyable three-hour program of the Ostinato band.

Thus, citizens, on the one hand, enjoy a night full of music; on the other hand, they are exposed to social messages and get to know disability directly and humorously. In return, we promote the collaboration and the event on meallamatia.gr, which for 2021 exceeded 211.000 unique users. The event is also shared via our social media, led by Facebook, where our followers are now more than 24.600. Watch our latest event here, which now has more than 14.500 views, thanks to our fast-growing audience.

The Municipality, in consultation with Me Alla Matia NPO, is invited to cover the cost for:

  • the venue of the event,
  • sound coverage and lighting,
  • the wages of the musicians and performers
  • photography, video, and live streaming services (if needed)
  • royalties
  • the promotion of the event

For more information, contact us at info@meallamatia.services or 210-2627385.

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