Vangelis Avgoulas with employees of the Ski Center at an outdoor gate while it's snowing.


With the aim of equal experience, Hellenic Public Properties Company (HPPC) in cooperation with the Social Cooperative Enterprise “Me Alla Matia” ensure equal accessibility to the Parnassos Ski Center.

HPPC is implementing an accessibility assessment program for the Parnassos Ski Center for all the prescribed European and national accessibility standards to further facilitate disabled visitors.

The assessment took place within the framework of HPPC’s Sustainability Strategy and was carried out by a specialized team of people with disability and experts in the field, so that the end-user can have the first say, always in accordance with current legislation and European directives.

The President of “Me Alla Matia” Mr. Evaggelos Avgoulas, noted:

“The NPO ‘Me Alla Matia’ has been established as a Strategic Accessibility Advisor to the Fund and thus, we are alongside all its subsidiaries, supporting the steps towards inclusion, which are now being taken slowly and steadily around us. Thus, the international, modern, good practice of implementing the slogan of the World Disability Movement ‘nothing about us, without us’ is being applied, consolidated corporately, and socially.”

The Head of Marketing, Communication, and Sustainability of HPPC, Sofia Siorokou, stated:

“We are particularly happy about our cooperation with ‘Me Alla Matia’ which enables us to evaluate our facilities and services for visitors and citizens, and mainly to make improvements where needed. As a Company, our goal is to incorporate the dimension of accessibility into our corporate philosophy, ensuring that our Business Units are able to offer an equal experience to everyone. Specifically for the Parnassos Ski Center, as a space for sports and recreation that attracts thousands of visitors every year, our aim is to continue the effort we are making to make the largest ski resort in the country even more inclusive for all our fellow citizens.”

As part of the action, the accessibility conditions of the Ski Center were detailed, and its accessibility profile was drawn up so that the public with mobility limitations can better plan their visit.

The overall accessibility assessment of the ski resort follows the existence of the Scout Crawler, a machine that facilitates the movement of people with mobility problems in the snow, as well as the modern gondolas of the Parnassos Ski Center that can provide unhindered movement between the chalets and the stations.

According to the results of the action, the Parnassos Ski Center is a welcoming space with great comfort given its particular weather and geographical conditions, and with the addition of specific high-quality facilities, the Center has the guarantee to become a model Ski Center in hospitality and safety not only for customers but also for employees with disabilities.

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