Another outstanding corporate collaboration emerges as recognition of the professionalism and scientific work of the NPO “Me Alla Matia” which is implementing an accessibility assessment program for the facilities of the Athenian Brewery, aiming to comply with all prescribed European and national standards for further facilitating access for employees and visitors with disabilities to the company’s premises.

The accessibility assessment and the creation of accessibility profiles are carried out by focus groups of people with disabilities and experts in the field, ensuring that the end-users have the primary say, always in accordance with existing legislation and European directives.

Each facility’s accessibility profile provides detailed information on its current condition, allowing people with disabilities to better organize their visits or work within the premises.

So far, the mapping has been completed at the facilities in Patras and Thessaloniki.

Eleni Drakopoulou, Human Resources Director of the Athenian Brewery, emphasized:

“The inclusion of people with disabilities starts with respect and facilitating accessibility for all in our facilities. We do not rest but commit to continuously striving to serve our inclusive strategy, which is a fundamental aspect of our sustainable development strategy as a company! At the center of our interest is the person without discrimination and divisions! Vangelis Avgoulas and his team help us, with their experience and dedication, to see our spaces through different eyes! We warmly thank them!”

On his part, Vangelis Avgoulas, blind lawyer and president of NPO “Me Alla Matia” praised Athenian Brewery’s decision, emphasizing that they did what, although they should, is not self-evident for all major organizations. Specifically, they reached out to people with disabilities and limited mobility to evaluate their spaces, in an effort to address any dysfunctions that hinder free access. “Such projects provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities and serve the motto of the global disability movement ‘Nothing about us, without us’. Moreover, this particular project proves that the dissemination of the dimension of inclusion is not fireworks but an inclusive strategy and corporate philosophy,” stated Mr. Avgoulas.

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