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The secrets of the inclusive recruitment

International surveys have shown that 92% of customers prefer companies that employ people with disability. At the same time, inclusive and diverse working environments contribute to overall productivity growth; they are two times more likely to achieve or exceed their economic goals, six times more likely to be innovative, and six times more likely to effectively anticipate change. It is no coincidence that diverse groups are more innovative, participatory, and creative.

In our effort to strengthen the diverse profile of your company, we implement, in collaboration with Career Sign*, an inclusive recruitment seminar addressed to your HR department. Qualified specialists provide consulting services to facilitate a barrier-free career for all.

Inclusive Recruitment


  • A 4-hour seminar* (including breaks) is implemented, which can be enriched with experiential exercises to get acquainted with disability. Extra time can be added for further questions and clarifications.
  • The seminar includes guidelines for the following:
    – posting an accessible job advertisement
    – evaluation of the CV of a disabled candidate
    – interview of a disabled candidate
    – accessibility and ergonomic arrangement of the interview and working space of the disabled
    – inclusive group integration
    – management and reprimands
    – legal advice
  • Consulting and post-employment monitoring for the evaluation of workplace integration
  • Provision of training material
  • After the end of the process, your company will be promoted for using good practices in, the only fully accessible news portal in Greece, with more than 27,000 followers on Facebook and 170.000 new users in 2022.

* Requirement to have attended the general disability familiarization program “Counseling without limits and career without restrictions” by specialized scientists and partners of Me Alla Matia NPO and Career Sign NPO 

⭐ Indicative Collaborations ⭐
  • Accessibility consulting for ReGeneration, the greatest youth employability program in Greece, since 2019, to ensure accessibility for youth with disability
  • Empowerment of disabled candidates for employability in the 1st cycle of the MellonAbilities program, designed by MYTILINEOS, in collaboration with the Social Enterprise know.

General Information

  • For more information about “Barrier-Free Recruitment”, contact us at or +302102627385.
  • This program is flexible and adapts to your needs.
  • A large part of the implementation team are partners with disability.


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