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Serving the principle of Design4All in corporate everyday life

International research shows how promoting accessibility and supporting human diversity has a positive impact on a business, both at a social and a financial level. Planning for efficient inclusion, however, must be done methodically by professionals, always in collaboration with the disabled people themselves while also following a holistic approach.

Me Alla Matia NGO provides accessibility consulting to interested organizations with a flexible collaboration that is built on the needs of the client and is jointly defined.

Upon the assignment of the project, the accessibility consultant undertakes to manage the issues related to socially vulnerable groups and makes the necessary recommendations, training and communications, always in collaboration with a Focus Group of disabled people, end-users of the service.

Indicative Benefits

  • An accessibility consultant, which will be the reference point of corporate inclusive practice
  • Management of issues affecting disabled employees, customers and beneficiaries
  • Creation of the accessibility profile of the organization along with suggestions for potential improvements
  • Training of employees on accessibility issues, such as accessible communication, reception of disabled customers, inclusive recruitment, etc.
  • Assessment of structured space and website accessibility with recommendations for improvement
  • Physical presence in meetings related to the subject
  • Online help desk for accessibility or inclusion issues that may arise
  • Focus Group of disabled people who will review the procedures wherever needed
  • Press releases and articles about the good practices of the company, shared with our specialized audience through, which gathered over 211.000 unique users for 2021.

Duration: The duration of the consultation is defined by the interested parties and according to the work undertaken. Indicatively, we suggest a one-year project with the remuneration to be set monthly.

Indicative Collaborations

  • Accessibility consulting for the Municipalities of Athens, Palaio Faliro and Skiathos
  • Memorandum of understanding with the Hellenic Hoteliers Federation on accessible tourism issues
  • Accessibility consulting for ReGeneration, the biggest youth employability program in Greece
  • Accessibility consulting at the Museum of Cycladic Art for visitors with visual impairments

For more information about the program, contact us at or at +302102627385.

Me Alla Matia NGO

Providing social care and consulting services to vulnerable social groups and their families, promoting the social solidarity 

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