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Me Alla Matia NGO, in collaboration with Pixel Apps, presents you the PopMenu4All!

A digital menu that keeps up with the new reality for restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, and restaurants, focusing on the needs of all customers.

PopMenu4All provides digital access to your catalog, in a fully accessible and also secure way, without the use of fragile paper menus. Through their smartphone, your customers simply scan a QR code. This way, they can quickly browse the catalog, see representative photos of your products or services and find out the prices. All this is done eco-responsibly, without wasting paper, while also maintaining all health protocols since the process is intact!

How does it work?

1. You place the QR code sticker in a prominent place in your business

2. The customers scan it using their mobile device

3. They directly have access to your digital menu


This particular application is superior to other similar ones, as it provides full access to everyone, including people with disability. This serves in particular:

• visually impaired customers who cannot read a conventional catalog,

• deaf users who have difficulty communicating during a pandemic due to the use of masks, or simply

• consumers who are familiar with new technologies

Significant benefits of its use:

• Your customers can explore the menu, even before visiting the site.

• The application aligns your business with the current accessibility legislation.

• Operation on all devices is ensured, with the help of the design team that includes disabled people.

Snapshots of the PopMenu4All app

Additional features

In addition to installing the application, many extra features allow you to customize and adjust it to your needs.

• technical support

• multilingual translation of the menu

• connection with the company’s social media

• promotion of announcements and offers

• access to specialized statistics through its control panel

• visitors’ book

The ultimate goal is to create an original, modern, yet easy-to-use bridge of communication between business and customers.

Indicatively, see our collaboration with Aeriko cafe and Persiana Beer & Grill Bar.

Promoting your business

Using PopMenu4All ensures the promotion of your business at meallamatia.gr. Both our website and our social media maintain an ever-growing, diverse and participatory audience. The unique users of the website for 2021 reach a total of 170.000, while our Facebook page hosts more than 24.600 followers.

At the same time, by purchasing and installing the application, you actively support our NPO and maintain the employment opportunities we offer to the disabled.

Expression of Interest

Contact us at info@meallamatia.services or at +302102627385 to schedule a presentation of the app and find the best offer for your business.

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