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“Dinner in the Dark” is an interactive, beautiful journey into the world of the senses… A unique experience that will be imprinted in your memory. It awakens and sharpens the senses, all apart from vision, while at the same time enhancing the understanding of the daily life of people with visual impairments.

You are invited to dine in complete darkness, leaving your sight aside for a while! Trust the waiters to guide you, serve you, and introduce you to a one-of-a-kind dinner, away from any light source.

After dinner, the lights come on; a musical show follows and, in a warm surrounding atmosphere, we exchange impressions from this unmatchable experience.

To date, the event has been enjoyed by over 3.200 people in 19 Dinners throughout Greece!

During the “Dinner in the Dark”:

  • European “Dinner in The Dark” standards are followed.
  • All necessary safety measures are taken in advance.
  • The customer service is performed by specially trained blind and sighted volunteers.
  • Admission is for holders of pre-sold, individual invitations and includes a full menu.

“Dinner in the Dark” is an ideal opportunity for a company and its employees to cultivate a socially responsible profile.


  • Team Building: This interactive experience deepens the interpersonal relationships of the people involved. At each table, a group of colleagues is invited to meet again under special circumstances, adopting a fresh perspective. Performing simple daily habits in a completely different way activates teamwork, problem-solving, and creative thinking.
  • CSR: The event can take place in the context of the Corporate Social Responsibility of your company, strengthening the NPO “Me Alla Matia” and its activities to support socially vulnerable groups.


  • It combines two corporate activities in one event.
  • meallamatia.gr provides coverage of the event along with the promotion of your company. Our website is the only fully accessible information platform in Greece, with more than 27,000 followers on Facebook, more than 170.000 unique users for 2022, and a strong presence on Instagram and TikTok.


⭐Indicative Collaborations⭐
  • Dinner in the Dark Limited Edition, for the following companies: Praktiker, Pfizer, OTIS, SNFCC, IMERYS, Guide Point, Navigator, J T International, Mytilinaios, Alpha Bank
  • New Year´s Cake Cutting Event in the Dark for Ydroplano Books
  • Dinner in the Dark – Mercedes
  • Dinner in the Dark – Novartis
  • Concert in the Dark with Natassa Bofiliou, hosted by “Spoudaia Events”
  • Blind Taste with IEK AKMI and chef Sotiris Kontizas
  • Speech in the Dark, with Stefanos Xenakis and Elias Koumarinos

👁️ You can see videos from past Dinners in the Dark here.

General Information
  • For more info, contact us at info@meallamatia.services or at +302102627385.
  • “Dinner in the Dark” can be flexibly adapted to your own company’s needs.
  • A large part of the implementation team are partners with disability.
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