illustration in grey background with various disabled people. Their impairements are indicated in bubbles above their heads.

The social enterprise “Me Alla Matia” implements a training program about disability for your employees, intending to expand your inclusive practices, strengthen your social corporate profile, and foster the understanding of a large target group’s needs, that of disabled people.


  • 78% of consumers prefer accessible businesses.
  • 67% of people often feel uncomfortable talking to people with disability.
  • The disabled, the elderly and their relatives, meaning people directly concerned with accessibility, account for 52% of the population.
  • Disabled consumers and their families have $8 trillion in revenue worldwide. They are more loyal customers and spend more money than the typical population.
  • Inclusive and diverse work environments contribute to the overall increase in productivity and creativity, while they are twice as likely to achieve or exceed their financial goals. At the same time, they are 6 times more likely to be innovative and effectively predict change.
  • Your company will be promoted for its good practice on, the only fully accessible information platform in Greece with over 18.500 followers on Facebook and 211.000 unique users.
  • Through this partnership, you support the maintaining of jobs we provide to people with disability.

Participants are introduced to diversity, accessibility, and inclusion, through interactive educational activities and open dialogue. The program is coordinated and implemented by disabled persons and professionals in the field of disability, accessibility, and inclusion.


  • With physical presence or remotely
  • Including all staff regardless of specialization
  • Free number of participants
  • With flexible customization based on corporate needs

General information

  • For more information about our corporate programs contact us at or +30 210-2627385.
  • The current health protocols are followed

Me Alla Matia NGO

Providing social care and consulting services to vulnerable social groups and their families, promoting the social solidarity 

Feel free to contact us!Ask anything you wish regarding our programs.

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