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Me Alla Matia NGO, in collaboration with Pixel Apps, presents you the PopMenu4All!

A digital menu that keeps up with the new reality …

A wheelchair running on an office corridor

Drawing up Local Government Accessibility Profiles

As a company specialized in Accessibility Consulting, Me Alla Matia NPO could offer its manpower to the Local Authorities, collaborating towards a more “Humane Municipality”, friendly to all citizens.

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Me Alla Matia NGO offers competitive advertising opportunities through its specialized network and dynamic online presence. Advertising through our company will help you construct a strong, socially responsible profile that is in line with the modern principles of inclusion while at the same time providing access to a new, considerable public.

Workplace Accessibility Assessment

According to international surveys, inclusive working environments create a general increase in productivity. At the same time, diverse groups …

Me Alla Matia NGO

Providing social care and consulting services to vulnerable social groups and their families, promoting the social solidarity 

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