Vangelis on stage receiving the award


NPO “Me Alla Matia” and its digital awareness campaign on disability, #SpeakUp, achieved a notable distinction. Our initiative, which, for the past 3 years, has been breaking down disability stereotypes with its particularly popular videos, was recognized at the Bravo Sustainability Dialogue & Awards 2023 in the “SOCIETY” category through the evaluation process of the institution’s Assessment Committees.

The "Bravo Sustainability Dialogue & Awards 2023" Award.

This campaign consists of over 180 videos featuring disabled people, highlighting aspects of their daily lives through the challenges they face in a non-inclusive society. In a few seconds, they present small accessible solutions, technological and disability aids, as well as inclusive practices. The videos, distributed across the specialized and dynamic network of the NPO “Me Alla Matia” through the fully accessible socio-political portal, collectively reached 17 million views.

This year, the Bravo Sustainability Dialogue & Awards institution celebrates its 14th year with initiatives from the business community, local government organizations, civil society, and academic institutions. Each year, more than 160 organizations with 250 initiatives and 350 representatives from academic, institutional, and social entities, comprising the scientific committees, participate in the institution, fostering dialogue and interaction with the involvement of 30,000 students and 62,000 Active Citizens. The evaluation committees – 80% – and active citizens – 20% – highlight the best initiatives of the year that support a sustainable future.


Vaggelis, Dimitra and Juliana posing with the award Vaggelis receiving the award on stage next to Irene Gkougkoulaki

Our #SpeakUp campaign, along with other initiatives recognized by the institution, was awarded at the Bravo Sustainability Dialogue & Awards 2023 on Tuesday, December 12, 2023, at the Vasilis & Eliza Goulandris Foundation.

The award on behalf of the our social enterprise was received by its Chairman and founder, Vaggelis Avgoulas.

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