Once again, Olympiacos showcased its social commitment by supporting the organization “Me Alla Matia”

With the unwavering support of the club’s president, Mr. Vangelis Marinakis, Olympiacos carried out another significant social initiative. As part of the UEFA’s Solidarity Project, the club made a donation to the Non-Profit Organization “Me Alla Matia”. In collaboration with the “Greek Guide Dogs Center”, they aim to create a video informing the public about the daily lives of handlers and the training of guide dogs.

The K19 football players of Olympiacos had the opportunity to learn about the daily life of a visually impaired person who is also a guide dog handler. They expressed their curiosity and asked several questions about the functionality of dogs for people with visual impairments.

Nikos Gavalas, the director of the Olympiacos Football Club’s Social Responsibility Department, stated, “With the absolute support of President Mr. Vangelis Marinakis, Olympiacos is the only team in Europe that offers this service permanently and for free. The Youth Team of Olympiacos participates in the UEFA Youth League, the Youth Champions League, and has advanced to the playoffs. On Wednesday, February 7, they will face Inter at the sports center of Renti with the goal of reaching the ’16’ of this significant competition. In the context of the Youth Team’s participation in the UEFA Youth League and the UEFA Solidarity Project, we are jointly taking action with the organization ‘Me Alla Matia'”.

Following his speech, Vaggelis Avoulas, the founder and president of “Me Alla Matia”, stated, “Thank you very much to the Youth Team of Olympiacos, Olympiacos FC. Today, we receive the financial donation to create an educational video that will promote the goals of the Greek Guide Dogs. We thank everyone who consistently supports us for the equal treatment of disabled individuals.”

Finally, the captains of the Olympiacos Youth Team, Nikos Christou, Thanos Koutsogoulas, and Giorgos Charalampoglou, expressed their pride in contributing to the success not only on the field but also outside the stadium. They stressed the importance of fighting for the rights of all individuals and hoped that other teams would be inspired by their example.


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