Spyros Dadanides


e is a filmmaker, a graduate of Kingston University London, BA of Arts, Film Studies with an interest in the production of independent documentaries.
He was born in 1997 in Komotini and is one of the reasons for the establishment of the “Perpato” Association (meaning “walking” in greek), in which he now functions as vice president. He is a proud and active member of the disabled community, participating locally, nationwide and pan-European in movements and actions that concern all disabled people and their equal participation in society.

  • He has represented Komotini at the EU Access City Awards where the city was awarded in 2020
  • He has participated as a member of the pan-European ENIL and the pan-Hellenic I-Living at Freedom Drive in Brussels in 2019
  • He has participated unpaid as a member of the 2020 working group for the institutionalization of the personal assistant in Greece, which started in 2021
  • Finally, he has founded together with Grigoris Chrysikos the page “disability is cool” on Facebook and “cool crips” on Instagram

At the same time, he works as a communication manager at the Youth & Volunteering Center of the Municipality of Komotini “exagono”, he is the general leader of the sports club “Herodikos”, he has co-founded the non-profit company “grO2be” for the environment and young people. He undertakes short productions in Komotini, Alexandroupolis, Athens and Thessaloniki and has worked for the project Europeans for Peace of the German organization EVZ (in memory of the victims of National Socialism) in Berlin as a speaker, ambassador and creator / producer in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd European Youth Conference in Wannsee.

He acts -as much as he can- according to the social model of disability and declares himself cool and proudly disabled.

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