Juliana Bousi

Motivational Speaker | Copywriter

Juliana Bussi is a musician and philologist, specializing in special education, currently working as a Communications Assistant in Eurolife FFH. She finished her secondary education at the Music Gymnasium-Lyceum of Alimos, where she focused on piano, flute, and tambura. She is a graduate of the Department of Greek Philology of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and has worked at the Center for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind as a philologist. She is also trained at DIEK Special Education as a computers and call center technician, and recently attended a subsidized seminar of OAED for administrative and financial executives of companies. She has professional experience as a radio producer and her love for music is kept alive through songwriting. She is also involved in sports, since she participates in the National Women’s Team in the sport of Goalball. Her other interests include writing articles and poems, learning foreign languages ​​and dancing. She is a guide dog handler.

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