Konstantina Mantzana

Social Worker

Graduate of Panteion University of the Department of “Social Policy” and of the University of Patras of the Department of “Social Workers” with a master’s degree in Counseling and Professional Guidance and further training in “Developmental Psychopathology” (School of Medicine, EKPA), “Pedagogical and Teaching Proficiency” (ASPAITE ), “Special Education” (University of the Aegean) and “Psychology and Counseling Psychology” (Academy of Citizens).

She holds a diploma in writing and reading the Braille system for blind people, she is a certified Parallel Support Attendant and a certified Social Worker from the “The Mother” Baby Center.

She works as a Social Worker at the EDY of Corinth while she has also previously worked for the Region of Peloponnese in the General Directorate of Public Health & Social Care of Corinth. From 2012 to 2019 she was employed as a Social Worker in various structures of SOS Children’s Villages.

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