Elie Driva


Elie is a disabled actress born in Athens. She is a member of the Association of Greek Actors  and the professional, inclusive, theatrical artistic group THEAMA. She graduated from the Department of History & Archeology of EKPA with training in Special Education, in Cinema: History, practices and basic principles of directing and in Health & Wellness Coaching. After 3 years  in the amateur theatrical workshop of Mary Maragoudaki, she completed her studies in the drama workshop THEAMA, was trained at KEADD for Nutrition & Management of eating disorders and completed studies in Life Coaching, accredited by IC Organization (accredited by ICF). She participated in a program of the Panteion University Library for the recording of books for students with visual impairments, as a narrator. She starred in the theater in various performances with the most recent being “Antigone” and the monologue “Metaxia” directed by Vassilis Oikonomou, produced by THEAMA. He recently participated in the film “We all come from somewhere” as part of the European program “POWER – Performances Of Wide Enrichment to Raise awareness on different abilities and promote integration”. This season she is preparing for her participation in the Athens Festival with the play “Anixi” directed by Gioula Boudali but also with the “Troades” produced by THEAMA. Shee speaks Greek, English and Spanish.


E-mail: info@eliedriva.com

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