illustration showing people with or without disability strolling around the city

Me Alla Matia NPO undertakes the design of accessible itineraries for Municipalities in interest.

Purchasing Power of the Disabled

The global market that corresponds …

Δυο γυναίκες συνεργάζονται πάνω από ένα λάπτοπ, η μία είναι σε αμαξίδιο

In the context of inclusion and ensuring equal treatment for every citizen, we train local employees of the public sector throughout Greece …

Ένα λάπτοπ όπου δυο χέρια δείχνουν κάτι στην οθόνη του και ένα άλλο χέρι ακουμπάει στη γραφίδα

A bundle of services for accessible websites, executed in 3 levels.

Is your website functional and at the same time accessible to everyone? …

Me Alla Matia NGO

Providing social care and consulting services to vulnerable social groups and their families, promoting the social solidarity 

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