A white cane user with their guide dog, next to a vertical "HOTEL" sign. On the left with yellow font the text: a list of Greek hotels that welcome guide dogs for the blind" and a neon sign saying :NO RESTRICTIONS.


All people have the right to travel, and often, staying in a hotel, hostel, guest house, etc., is necessary. But how many know that in Greece, a trained guide dog, which accompanies a person with visual impairment 24 hours a day, is allowed by law to enter unhindered everywhere? Undoubtedly, not many people know it, but they can become more!

”Me Alla Matia” NPO fights every day for human rights and gives a voice to those not heard. With the aim of more inclusive tourism, it motivates the hoteliers of Greece to be informed and trained for the proper service of disabled people, expanding on our memorandum with the Hellenic Hoteliers FederationAfter all, ”Me Alla Matia” designs custom-made programs to train people working in tourism to develop skills in serving disabled customers.

In this context, we promote free-of-charge hotels and other accommodations that actively declare visually impaired people and their certified guide dogs are welcome in their accommodation, as the law requires.

In the list below, you can find the accommodations that every one of us will be able to visit without problems and obstacles, just as befits a pleasant trip.

  1. Kalliopi Luxury Apartments, Lemnos
  2. Hotel “Afrodite”, Tinos
  3. Perianth Hotel, Athens
  4. V1935 Luxurius Apartments, Monastiraki– Athens
  5. Golden Star City Resort, Peraia– Thessaloniki
  6. Capsis Hotel Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki
  7. Capsis Astoria Heraklion, Heraklion – Crete
  8. The Alex Monte Kastella Hotel, Piraeus
  9. Skion Palace Beach Hotel, Chalkidiki
  10. In Camera Art Boutique Hotel, Rhodes
  11. Ostraco Suites, Mykonos
  12. Yalis Hotel, Votsi – Alonissos
  13. Arion Hotel, Xylokastro
  14. Irida Resort Suites, Kalo Nero – Kyparissia
  15. Siris Hotel, Lefkonas– Serres

The list is constantly updated and enriched.

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