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Traveling for business or leisure?

All people have the right to travel, and often, staying in a hotel, hostel, guest house, etc., is necessary.

But how many know that in Greece, a trained guide dog, which accompanies a person with visual impairment 24 hours a day, is allowed by law to enter unhindered everywhere?

Undoubtedly, not many people know it, but they can become more!

Laws exist and are being enforced, and avoiding courts is desired for everyone.

“Me Alla Matia” NPO* fights every day for human rights and gives a voice to those not heard. With the aim of more inclusive tourism, it motivates the hoteliers of Greece to be informed and trained for the proper service of disabled people. At the same time, we invite you to register in the form below, proving in practice that people with vision problems and their certified guide dogs are welcome in your accommodation, precisely as the law states.

This initiative comes as a continuation of our memorandum with the Hellenic Hoteliers Federation.

Thus, until we all become lawful and inclusive so that our society has this common denominator, a list of accommodations will be compiled and published with all the places that every one of us will be able to visit without problems and obstacles, just as it should be on a pleasant journey.

Let’s travel together!

Register your accommodation here. 


NPO “Me Alla Matia” was founded in 2018 by the blind lawyer Vaggelis Avgoulas and a group of disabled people claiming inclusion, with the ultimate goal of erasing the under-representation of disability. It was implemented as an afterthought of the fully accessible news portal meallamatia.gr. “Me Alla Matia” means “with a different point of view” in Greek and implements a series of customized educational programs by specialized professionals who:

  • train businesses in inclusion strategy and accessibility consultancy.
  • smash stereotypes, raise awareness & promote inclusion in schools.
  • educate professionals in disabled customer service to claim for a more “Humane Organization”.


  • meallamatia.gr has over 211,000 unique users and dynamic SoMe, such as Facebook, where followers exceed 24,000.
  • Our #SpeakUp campaign features disabled people in short videos and has garnered over 9 million views.
  • Since September 2017, it has implemented around 300 free educational programs in schools with over 24,000 students.
  • In the last two years, 60 tailor-made training & consulting programs were designed and coordinated for companies, agencies, and municipalities, training over 6,000 employers and employees in accessibility and inclusion.


  • Development of an Inclusive strategy and action plan in cooperation with the Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations and the Athens Urban Transport Organization
  • Accessible Routes and construction of an accessible website in collaboration with “This is Athens” for the touristic promotion of the Municipality of Athens
  • Accessibility profiling for the Municipality of Palaio Faliro
  • Accessibility consulting, training on disabled customers service, and accessible communication for Praktiker Hellas
  • Workshop for appropriate service of people with disability, for civil servants of the Municipality of Egaleo
  • Workshop for disability awareness addressed to social workers of the Municipality of Athens
  • Accessibility consulting and training programs for Pfizer Hellas to raise disability awareness, accommodate inclusive hiring, and enhance the accessibility of information.
  • Implementation of accessibility research for the disabled in the “Consumer Market” in collaboration with the Central Markets and Fisheries Organization
  • Creation of an accessible thematic route at the Museum of Cycladic Art for visitors with visual impairments
  • Evaluation of the functionality of the equipment for disabled visitors in the National Library of Greece and suggestions on how to improve the workstations in the SNFCC.
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