logos of the Me Alla Matia and inclusiveGreece


Two Athens-based private initiatives involved in accessibility agree on cooperation aiming for the implementation and the raising of awareness on accessibility. 

Meallamatia NPO was founded by a group of disabled people aiming to erase the under-representation of disability, providing consulting services on inclusion and accessibility. Meanwhile, inclusiveGreece is contributing to the creation of accessible tourism, introducing international certification Travel-for-All to the industry. 

Both enterprises have agreed to join forces and to offer and spread their consulting and training tools on national and international levels.

“Tourism is the leading industry in Greece, and accessible tourism offers a great business opportunity for the industry that helps as well the seasonality challenge. The right approach needs understanding, adjusting, and informing. I believe the cooperation with Meallamatia allows us to combine the local know-how of the affected groups with our tourism expertise with benefits to the industry,” says Sabine Switalla, the CEO of inclusiveGreece.  

Vaggelis Avgoulas, the blind lawyer who founded “Me Alla Matia” mentions: “It is of high importance to keep disabled people involved in everything that is designed and implemented for them. NPO “Me Alla Matia” brings disabled people to the center of the decision-making regarding accessibility and inclusion, while inclusiveGreece brings the much-needed experience in the touristic field. Together we can evolve successfully accessible tourism in Greece”.

We aim to come into dialogue with the stakeholders of businesses and create more awareness. Understanding the guests and their needs while also removing the barriers does not necessarily require reinventing the wheel; it consists of simple steps that contribute to service quality, sustainable business, and new business opportunities for every enterprise. It is a fact that accessibility serves not only travelers but also the local society, and it is added value for all.

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