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Since people make a home —all people—, the company, along with its people, welcomes us in an “Open Home”, hoping to realize inclusivity and accessibility through its structures and services, as well as the offering of product solutions that make everyday life easier for people that face barriers or disability.

Praktiker Hellas, the #1 Greek stores network in Home Improvement & DIY, unlocks its potential and home, opening the doors with the inclusivity and accessibility program that welcomes us to an “Open Home”. With a focus on service excellence and continuous experience upgrade for everyone, the company begins its journey from its own “homes”, physical and digital, by proving its belief that every moment of our everyday life can be more easily accessible for disabled people. Therefore, to facilitate everyone’s daily life and improve their life quality, the company upgrades its structure and services by offering product solutions that empower our fellow elderly, either those with a motor, visual, or hearing impairment: from complete solutions for the bathroom to specific handles, support pillows, electric and electronic devices and much more.

Praktiker’s anthropocentric philosophy puts at the top of its priorities equal and unhindered access for all, ensuring that everyone can easily find what they need for their home. As one of the company’s core values, inclusion is the axis around which it upgrades the offered customer experience, guaranteeing every need of every home and every person is met without difficulties.

In this long journey, Praktiker collaborates with specialized institutions and companies on disability, inclusion, and accessibility issues. Specifically, in collaboration with the NPO “Me Alla Matia“, it has launched an extensive training program for its team nationwide, with experiential workshops and training seminars aimed at understanding the difficulties faced by our fellow human beings and offering substantial service catered to their needs. More than 170 employees have already been trained in Attiki-Larissa-Ioannina, and the aim is to educate all 1,425 Praktiker employees nationwide in the coming months. At the same time, to ensure the accessibility of its stores, it cooperates with the reputable and award-winning architectural office SOUTAS ARCHITECTS, while with the cooperation and recognition of the NPO “Me Alla Matia” and the “Society for the Protection of Spastics / Open Door“, it confirms the functionality of all its structures.

With special ramps and signs in the corridors of its stores’ exhibitions, specialized facilities and infrastructure, as well as optimized navigation through its digital media and all product options aimed at people with disabilities, and always with the help of its specially trained team, Praktiker begins a journey of inclusion with each of its stores gradually becoming an “Open Home”. Starting from its stores in Ioannina and Larissa, the company ensures that its network of physical stores, its website, and its Contact Center, become even friendlier to people with disabilities.

The company, with its new program of inclusivity and accessibility, removes the narrow boundaries of a house and invites everyone to an “Open Home”, an inclusive, accessible home of love. After all, people make a Home. All people.

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A few words about Praktiker Hellas

Praktiker Hellas, counting over 30 years of existence in the greek market, constituted the number 1 Greek Network in Home Improvement & DIY by training consumers around the Do-It-Yourself mentality. With 16 stores nationwide, dynamic e-commerce, and a specialized b2b department throughout Greece, it offers top-notch shopping experiences for every small or big change, acting as a one-stop-shop for every need of the house and garden that provides 50,000 products and integrated services daily. Since April 2014, the company has been incorporated into the leading Canadian Group Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, known for its significant track record of successful investments in international companies with robust growth prospects, as well as its long-term growth of corporate values since 1985. Furthermore, emphasizing its continuous growth and development, Praktiker Hellas is currently implementing an investment plan that includes upgrading its systems, renovating its existing stores, and expanding its network with new ones in Attica and the peripheral regions. With a trained team of 1,600 professionals and with priority given to the individual needs of its customers, the company offers excellent services while it implements integrated programs and sustainability initiatives with a sense of responsibility towards society & the environment.


Photo material from the training: 

Group photo at the Praktiker offices in Athens with the participating executives of the program. Among them are the members of the NPO Me Alla Matia focus group


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