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Translation of the original text in Greek: Panagiotis Seitanidis

Art accompanies us, and sometimes we look for it… We know that for us to exist, it must be kept alive!

Therefore, we are creating a registry of disabled artists to collaborate in music, theater, poetry, and dance with every artist who supports the programs and collaborations of the social enterprise “Me Alla Matia”.

Art is for everyone and for all ages.

NPO “Me Alla Matia” invites disabled people related to artistic creation nationwide to register in the register of disabled artists by filling out the following form (in Greek). Our goal is the implementation of accessible cultural events and the promotion of the work of the participating artists.

The disabled social enterprise has been operating since 2018 at an educational, advisory, and cultural level, claiming inclusion with a vision of eliminating the underrepresentation of disabled people in public discourse. Registered in the Registry of Cultural Organizations of the Ministry of Culture & Sports with Registration Number 17398, Me Alla Matia has implemented a multitude of cultural events-actions that have been designed and implemented mainly by disabled people, such as:

✤ “I Belong”: Creation of fully accessible videos in the form of documentaries, which follow disabled people in the production of cultural content and highlight the situation prevailing in Greek reality and good practices.

“We sing what you (do not) know about disability”: Events with a musical core and comedy dialogue interjections by disabled people sharing aspects of their daily lives.

✤ “SpeakUp”: Awareness campaign through everyday videos starring disabled people, gathers over 9 million views.

✤ “In touch”: Planning an accessible tour of the Museum of Cycladic Art for the visually impaired through replicas of exhibits, braille, large print, audio tour, tactile maps, etc.

For clarifications, do not hesitate to contact us: 📧 info@meallamatia.services

Me Alla Matia NGO

Providing social care and consulting services to vulnerable social groups and their families, promoting the social solidarity 

Feel free to contact us!Ask anything you wish regarding our programs.

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