At the meeting of the CMFO the CEO of the Organization Mr. Apostolos Apostolakos, Vangelis Avgoulas, Panagiotis Pitsiniagas, Mrs. Stavropoulou and Mrs. Berkou


Actions to ensure accessibility to the facilities of the Central Markets and Fisheries Organization in Rentis, to provide equal service to all citizens

The Administration of the Central Markets and Fisheries Organization (CMFO), which is active in the Vegetable Market of Rentis, the Meat Market, the Consumer Market, and in the 11 Fish Scales throughout Greece, in collaboration with the Non-Profit Civil Company “Me Alla Matia” implemented a site evaluation program to further facilitate consumers with a disability who visit its facilities. This way, all the European accessibility standards were adopted in the Organization’s facilities and stores for an even “friendlier” market for People with Disabilities (PWD).

The evaluation was carried out by a focus group of disabled people and scientists in the field so that the end-user has the first say, always by the current legislation and European directives.

The CEO of the Organization, Mr. Apostolos Apostolakos, pointed out: “With this specific program, we processed the experience of the disabled visitor, to create spaces that are accessible and functional for everyone, putting into practice our position, for equal service to all citizens, without exclusions due to disability. We consider it our duty to make the Markets accessible to all of us. We are all equal. Since we took over, we have already created parking spaces for the disabled and pregnant women, special signaling has been done at the Central Market sites, and even more are going to soon. It is the minimum we can offer as a society.”

Vangelis Avgoulas with the white cane outside the Consumer's Market

For his part, the blind lawyer and president of “Me Alla Matia” Mr. Vaggelis Avgoulas, handing over the Evaluation Report, praised the work of the Administration of CMFO, stressing that they did what is not self-evident for all Public Services, although it should be. In other words, they asked people with disability and limited mobility to evaluate the facilities in the Central Vegetable Market of Rentis, attempting to address any malfunctions that prevent the free access of the disabled. “Such projects give jobs to disabled people and serve the life motto of the global disability movement “Nothing about us, without us”. This specific project proves that the diffusion of the dimension of accessibility in the subsidiaries of the Superfund is not mere window dressing but an inclusive strategy and corporate philosophy”, said Mr. Avgoulas.

An accessibility assessment will be done soon in the rest of CMFO’s facilities throughout the country. This action is part of the broader ESG strategy adopted by the Organization with the support of the Growthfund for all its subsidiaries.

Panagiotis Pitsiniagas, a wheelchair user, gets into his car, which is outside the Central Markets and Fisheries Organization

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