close-up of a tactile floor plan


Me Alla Matia NPO keeps claiming accessibility in every space for everyone. Therefore, it collaborates with hotels and other businesses, undertaking the adaptation of their evacuation plans so that they are also accessible to people with visual impairments.

As Evangelos Avgoulas, the President of the organization, explains in a relevant video that was published recently, the effort takes place with the collaboration of disabled people and professionals in the field. Together, the end-user team and the professionals customize existing floor plans for the sighted. That way, they create a special copy with embossed visuals for the visually impaired. Markings are in Braille at key points on the plan, enabling those individuals to accurately pinpoint their location and the appropriate routes they may need in the event of an emergency.

The adapted floor plans are created with a special type of paper that enables embossment on surfaces. At the same time, the printing of important business documents in Braille, such as the tactile menus created by Me Alla Matia, promotes inclusion in the companies concerned.

All of these actions are in line with the principles of equal access to information, from which visually impaired people are still largely excluded.

Watch the presentation of Evangelos Avgoulas in this important innovation with subtitles (in Greek and English):

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