Photo from a video conference a sign language interpreter in the main screen, and to the right a list of the conference participants. At the top, a blue banner with the text "mellonabilities" in yellow letters, where the "o" is the wheel from a wheelchair logo


Translation of the original text in Greek: Tatiana Kosmidou

*“Me Alla Matia” = seeing from a different perspective

Mellonabilities: Skill accelerator for the integration of People with Disabilities into the labor market

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Initiatives

The innovative program “mellonabilities”, designed by the MYTILINEOS company in collaboration with the Social Enterprise knowl, is ongoing and will last six months. The aim is to provide personalized development of professional skills to People with Disabilities (mobility, visual, and hearing) with zero cost to the beneficiaries. The Non-profit Civil Partnership “Me Alla Matia” is the program’s accessibility consultant.

Today, 14% of the Greek population (20-64 years old) are people with disabilities, and yet, we rarely meet them at work, in education, and in social life. Even more alarmingly, though, 60% of young people with disabilities in Greece, aged 25-29 years old, are unemployed, marking one of the highest negative percentages in Europe. A significant part of the human capital remains inactive and unutilized, harming us both on an individual and socio-economic level.

Disability does not mean a lack of ability. Modern training models and new technologies allow people with disabilities to acquire specialized skills. This way, a balanced connection between their professional profile and desired job position can be achieved.

The involvement of the specialized team of “Me Alla Matia” at every stage of the process gives the program the security of the personalized approach that candidates with disabilities need. At the same time, this solves problems so that the program remains accessible and inclusive to everyone. The executives of “Me Alla Matia” who participate in the organizing group are people with disabilities themselves; therefore, the global life motto of the disability movement “Nothing about us without us” is served.

Among other things, the candidates:

  • Have participated in individual career counseling sessions
  • Have been duly informed of the legal framework governing the employment of people with disabilities in the private sector
  • Have been supported to write their CVs correctly and to attend job interviews
  • Receive training in the use of new technologies and social media.

The purpose is the targeted preparation of participants with disabilities for their successful integration into the labor market. Another goal is to acquire additional resources and understand the conditions that facilitate their access and integration into the labor market and cultivate a mentality that will help develop a sustainable employability model (candidates, employers, HR organizations/ training/ counseling).

Find more information about the #mellonabilities program: Social Enterprise knowl on the program’s page here.

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