Natasa Hatziprimou, Anna Mourikis, Vangelis Avgoulas, Frederiki Kapoula are photographed with their awards in hand. Vangelis holds also his white cane for the blind.


Translation of the original text in Greek: Tatiana Kosmidou

The fruits of a successful collaboration came with an important distinction at the Patient Partnerships Awards 2021. The Non-profit Civil Partnership “Me Alla Matia” and Novartis Hellas won the gold award in the Disabilities Initiative category for their partnership, aiming at educating people with vision problems about new technologies.

The awards

These awards have been organized for the last two years by Health Daily and BOUSSIAS, under the auspices of the Association of Pharmaceutical Companies of Greece, the Panhellenic Union of the Pharmaceutical Industry, and the Association of Representatives of Pharmaceutical Products & Specialties. They seek to reward the best practices for collaborations between partners in the health market, the pillars of patient support, prevention, information, and education. At the same time, the mobilization of new actions that meet their needs and benefit both themselves and the Health system as a whole is rewarded.

This year’s award ceremony took place on Tuesday, July 6th, in the form of a photoshoot, with the participation of the winners and the Jury, and by following all the measures to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. Vaggelis Avgoulas received the awards for “Me Alla Matia” as its president, and Natasa Hatziprimou, Anna Mourikis, and Frederiki Kapoula on behalf of Novartis.

The President of the Non-profit Civil Partnership “Me Alla Matia” stated regarding the collaboration:

“Last year, the pandemic suddenly brought telecommuting, telelearning, and remote communication into our daily lives, while, at the same time, the great need to train visually impaired people in new technologies to respond to the new conditions emerged. The social reflexes of Novartis led to the direct partnership with the Non-profit Civil Partnership “Me Alla Matia”, putting people at the center of attention and implementing a program designed by visually impaired people for visually impaired people.”

Please find here relevant social-media posts of our company and Novartis.

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