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Translation of the original text in Greek: Lambros Chantzis

Me Alla Matia NPO, in collaboration with the IT company Symmetric, implements a cutting-edge AI system aiming to effortlessly receive citizens’ requests on behalf of the municipalities.

This application manαges the citizens’ incoming calls regarding requests to the Municipality, without the need for an employee or any person to intervene in this process.

Why should your Municipality choose this particular service?
  • Citizens can transfer any request to the services of the Municipality 24/7, 365/year without occupying any employee for its receiving.
  • The alignment of the municipality with the GDPR standard is ensured, as the citizens’ data will be secured on a central server. Only authorized persons maintain access to these data.
  • The application utilizes the most common means of communication with which all people are familiar, the phone. This is where its superiority over other similar applications lies, which require citizens to be tech-savvy and are usually more complicated. In these cases, the public ends up turning again to telephone communication to finally be served comfortably.
  • It manages and automates the social services of the Municipality (e.g., help at home, social workers, etc.). The requests are collected and processed in an organized way.
  • It is an effective solution for serving socially vulnerable people: people who do not speak Greek can finally be served in their language, as the application supports more than 20 languages. At the same time, people with visual impairment who face multiple difficulties trying to access services can send their requests using their phones.
  • It is in line with the requirements for less consumption of material resources and the need to reduce bureaucracy since all requests are recorded and substantiated digitally.
 Technical Features of the Application
  • Voice recognition and transformation into editable written text. At the same time, as citizens pronounce keywords, the application refers requests automatically to the responsible service.
  • Recording of emergency or seasonal announcements by the service for the citizens.
  • Creation of a poll on issues of interest. The citizens can vote by calling and the application records their answers.
  • Printouts of statistical reports on requests (processed, in progress, requests per employee, percentage of requests completed per employee, etc.).
  • Automatic calendar (per service and employee) with the scheduled tasks grouped per day, so that the management knows the working schedule of its services.
  • Emergency service with direct connection to the responsible service.
  • Interconnection of the application with the Municipality’s Facebook page: citizens can receive information about the progress of their requests via Messenger.
  • Photo Location: Citizens can send a photo of problems or damages they have identified in the area of the Municipality from their mobile phone, by visiting the website of the Municipality. With the use of GPS from the phone, the request is registered along with the location information to be dealt with by the responsible service.
  • 2 different applications for smartphones, one for the citizens and one for the Administration of the Municipality and its employees, provide additional features for registering, managing, and monitoring requests.
 What Do We Provide?

▶ Installation, training of authorized users, and technical support for 1 year. At the end of it and after every following year, we propose an annual maintenance contract.

▶ Focus group for PwD that will carry out successive accessibility assessments for users – citizens throughout the operation of the system.

For more information about the program, contact us at info@meallamatia.srevices or 210-2627385.

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