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Front Desk Training – Customer Service 4 All

Considering that 75% of customers with a disability and their relatives have stopped trading with a company that does not seem to be informed about disability, we created a new training program: “Customer Service 4 All”.

As part of CSR, aiming for the best customer experience possible, we train Front Office employees who come into direct interaction with potential disabled clients on how to serve them optimally and with ease.


The training program is implemented by specialized trainers with and without disability and includes:

  • 1st module (4h, including a break): theoretical training through informative presentations and dialogue
  • 2nd module (4h, including a break): practical, experiential exercises to acquaint employees with disability, focusing on visual, hearing, and mobility impairments
  • 52% is the percentage of the disabled, the elderly, and their relatives, therefore disability concerns more than half of the population.
  • Disabled consumers are more loyal, making 5 more shopping trips a year and spending more money than the average population.
  • 67% of people often feel uncomfortable talking to disabled people.

Corporate benefit

  • Practical improvement of the Customer Service and Customer Experience of your company.
  • Construction of a strong corporate profile to enhance your social impact.
  • After the completion of the training, your company will be promoted for the use of good practices at, the only, fully accessible news portal in Greece with over 24.500 followers on Facebook and more than 170.000 unique users for 2021.

General information

  • For more information about “Customer Service 4 All”, contact us at or +302102627385.
  • This program is flexible and adapts to your needs.
  • A large part of the implementation team are partners with disability.
  • In alignment with ISO_21902_2021.
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